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With a nostalgic 1973 Bob Dylan cover, a 10-year-old boy turns every chair on ‘The Voice.’
A pure musical talent reminds us what good music is in this 3-minute video. The young boy performed a
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Simon insists on the girl removing her makeup. Judges are silenced due to transformation.
They say appearances don’t matter, but for Simon Cowell, they can be everything. First impressions can
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14-Year-Old Shy Olivia Archbold Sings ‘In The Arms Of An Angel’ Lyrics And Impresses Simon
Olivia Archbold, 14, is shy at first, but once she starts singing the words to ‘In The Arms Of An Angel,’
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Sisters perform “Never Alone” on The Voice and receive one million views in under 25 minutes.
‘The Voice Blind Auditions,’ an American reality show, never fails to bring out the best in aspiring
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Simon Thinks Girl Is Crazy For Trying ‘Worst Song Ever’ – Until He Hears First Note
“X Factor UK candidate Gamu Nhengu captures Simon Cowell’s attention and breathes fresh life into a song
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Son held his mother’s hand as his favorite song started to play; now, watch the viral dance that went viral online.
Most people experience sleep issues at some point in their lives, but the key is how we approach them.
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Every day, a little child comes home from school crying until his father shows up in his classroom. Here is why.
Joe, an eight-year-old kid, went to school with his hair in a ponytail. He could hear laughter from his
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The best Boogie Woogie Senior dancing couple of the year. They are so amazing!!!
Age is just a number especially when you are an active senior who loves to dance. A showcase by winners
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The boy and girl dance to Footloose and leave the judges speechless
Paige Glenn, then 8, and Artyon Celestine, then 9, astonished the America’s Got Talent judges in 2017
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Jennifer Aniston has left her fans divided after she revealed she will dye her gray hair until the end
Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11, 1969. She was born to an actor and it wasn’t surprising when
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Actress who played Rizzo in ‘Grease’ comes out of hiding after 20 years and looks unrecognizable
No one on Earth, young or old, can deny having heard of the famous love story involving the meek Australian
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Roseanne Barr Turns 70: She’s Slimmer, Has a Larger Family, and Is “Feeling Good” with Her Loved Man of 20 Years
Roseanne Barr, a stand-up comedian and actress, turned 70. The actress has a long history of acting